Nancy W. - Age 76

Do you remember hanging crepe paper streamers, and how they felt ?
That pretty much describes how my face felt to me prior to going to Julie for the new PRX treatment.
Now, six weeks later, I am amazed at how smooth my face is!  I could tell after the first treatment this was different. After the rest, it still surprises me every time I feel it or look in the mirror!
Thank you Julie!  You are the best!!

Suzy C. - Age 59

"Years ago there was a sitcom called “Ally McBeal”, Richard Fish was a character who was attracted to women with a “neck wattle” – for some reason that scene stuck with me. It was funny. 18 years later, when ‘wattle’ appeared on me - not so funny. Micro-needling diminished the “wattle” substantially.I’m so happy Julie offers the non-surgical/non-toxic option of micro-needling!"

Suzy's System - Jan Marini Glycolic Cleanser - Duality - Eminence Stone Crop Toner and Citrus & Kale Serum

  • Microneedling

    "I initially went to Julie for Micro-Needling to diminish facial scaring (which it did), what I didn’t expect was the wonderful benefit of skin-tone brightening."

Ellen H. - Age 73

"Jan Marini LuminateMD has faded the dark spots on my face better than the laser treatments I had.  The spots have either disappeared or are much lighter and have not returned as they did after laser treatments.  I am thrilled with Julie's HydroFacials and product recommendations and how they have improved my skin.  She is fantastic."

Ellen's System - HydroFacials every 8 weeks - Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser, LuminateMD and Eminence Organic Calm Skin Serum and Calm Skin Moisturizer

  • Microneedling

    "The formation of jowls begins early in my family. When mine began to take form and I expressed concern to Julie, she suggested micro-needling. I went in a bit skeptical and ended up thrilled. Months later I’m still blown away at the difference micro-needling has made in my jawline."

Suzanne D. - Age 56

"I started seeing Julie in June of 2011 in hopes of finally getting some relief from adult cystic acne that had plagued me for decades.  I had tried everything....I'm beyond thrilled to say that not only did she clear up my acne, but she has also improved the texture and overall health of my skin.  Julie knows what she's doing and I trust her completely with her advanced treatments and skin care!

Suzanne's System - Jan Marini Skin Care Management System - Duality MD - Regeneration Booster Serum

  • Hydrofacials

    ""I moved away from Port Townsend and went to several different aestheticians before learning a very important lesson....Not all aestheticians are created equal! I'm back on Julie's schedule for my HydroFacials and the best products available. Thank you Julie!""

Agnes B. - Age 59

"I've got Julie to thank for taking years off my face with her expert advice and high quality products. A visit with Julie is always a treat. She is not only thoughtful and knowledgeable, but also much fun! I can't recommend Face of Grace enough."

  • Acne Protocol

    "Hi I just want to say that my skin has not looked this clear in a long long time...so thank you SO much!!!!!!!

Brittany M. - Age 30

I have never had my face look like this. I don't even use foundation anymore!

  • Jen L. - Age 50

    I travel 4 hours to see Julie. She's the only one I trust with my complicated skin. She's a skincare magician! I'm so happy with the results of my medical peel. After just the first one my skin is already looking brighter and smoother. Excited to see the results after the next one!