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  • why do I need a consultation?

    Face of Grace Skin Care is built on education, decades of experience, high-quality care,
    and top-of-the-line, award-winning products.

    Consultations are complimentary sessions, offered in-person, on the phone, or virtually for products purchased from Face of Grace, in-person and online.

    Why a skin consultation is an important place to start?

    Throughout your life, your skin will change. What you did do for your adolescent skin at 17 is not going to cut it at 35, 45 and beyond. Or, perhaps you’ve been happy, but the skincare brand you’ve loved for years seems to not provide you with the same results it once did? Instead of looking for a new skincare brand, a review of your current skincare routine may be required.

  • The correct use of the product is essential for optimum results and beautiful, glowing, healthy skin. Julie is dedicated to educating her clients and encourages you to take advantage of your complimentary consult.

    During your consult, you will learn the correct application for your home-care regime for maintenance and corrective skin care treatments.

    You’ve had your skin consultation, now what?

    Even if you have disposable cash to spend on your skin, go slowly, and allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself. Take baby steps before moving on to more intensive products or treatments.  Allow time for your skin to become stronger and your confidence in your skincare professional to grow. A true professional will have no interest in bombarding you with products. We will create a plan for your skin, not a quick fix, but a long-term plan for results. 

    Owner, Esthetician, Julie Hoffman holds a Medical Directive that allows her to offer Jan Marini Medical Skin Care, as well as perform in-person medical-grade chemical peels for
    extraordinary results.

we all deserve a face of grace

By definition Grace is “seemingly effortless beauty.” Julie’s belief and hope is for her clients to feel, look, and be their very best. Julie is passionate about helping every person realize his or her own Face of Grace.