About Us


Esthetician and Face of Grace Owner Julie Hoffman is internationally certified and locally treasured. By her very nature, Julie is tender and intuitive which she uses to create a unique, customized experience, and why so many of her loyal clientele are quick to sing her praises.

Julie has been a licensed esthetician since 1992. She graduated from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and the renowned Euro Institute in Seattle. “I truly have a passion for my work.” She is also certified in manual lymphatic drainage, a massage technique used on the face and neck with every one hour facial.

As the mother of two daughters, Grace and Meg, Julie manages both a busy home life and a successful business. She understands the art and hard work that go into achieving a balance, and it is her goal to help her clients find that balance when it comes to the optimum health of their skin.  “My goal is to provide a nurturing experience, with clinical results.” Julie uses and sells organic and pharmaceutical grade skin care products, so her clients can build on those results at home with their own daily regime.

When Julie first made the decision to become an esthetician, she thought that she wanted to be a medical esthetician and possibly work in a dermatology office. Until one day when a breast cancer survivor, who she was giving a facial to, commented that it was the first time that she was being touched in an unscientific way. The woman told Julie that her tender touch and attentiveness were life-changing. That comment was life-changing for Julie, as well. It was then that she decided to focus her treatments on comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation.

By definition Grace is “seemingly effortless beauty.” Julie’s belief and hope is for her clients to feel, look, and be their very best. Julie is passionate about helping every person realize his or her own Face of Grace.